District XXII. - A guide for people looking for a home

19th Jan 2024
District XXII. - A guide for people looking for a home

The XXII district, better known as Budafok-Tétény, is the southern gateway to Budapest and has been the scene of many historical events. Its rich wine-making tradition and old quarries now whisper their tales in the modern neighbourhoods.

Urbanisation is setting a different pace here.

The dynamics of the housing market are directly related to the characteristics of the environment. The diverse character of the XXII district offers excellent opportunities for both residential and investment property.

Profile of the XXII district

The XXII district, better known as Budafok-Tétény, is located in the southern region of Budapest, with significant green areas and a pleasant small-town atmosphere. Its location on the banks of the Danube and its long-established wine-growing culture still have an impact on the life of the district, giving it an unrivalled atmosphere. Whether it's detached houses, condominiums or even building plots, the district offers a wide range of properties.

In terms of the XXII district, property prices remain relatively affordable compared to other parts of the capital, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a new home, an island of tranquillity away from the noise of the city, but without having to give up good infrastructure and the benefits of living in the capital. Numerous transport hubs ensure seamless accessibility to both the city centre and the surrounding districts, making the XXII district an excellent position for practical and economical property investment opportunities.


Historical features and location

The XXII district, also known as Budafok-Tétény, is the centre of Budapest's historic wine region, where the past is preserved without recourse to the present. Every corner of this district has a story to tell, which is one of the unique features of the local real estate market.

The district, located on the banks of the Danube, is closely linked to the history of Budapest, in particular the Kőbánya cellar system, which is still part of local life. This geographic and historical heritage not only has cultural value but also creates a special living environment for the inhabitants of the district. District XXII also contains the largest cave dwelling complex in the country.

With its family atmosphere based on past winemaking traditions and its excellent amenities, the district is the perfect place to live for those seeking tranquillity and closeness to nature. Locally listed buildings, historic cellar rows and the Danube promenade all contribute to the unique charm of the XXII district.

Infrastructure and transport

Infrastructure in the XXII district is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the population. The extent and quality of the transport network serving the district is an integral part of everyday life.

Etele Square, centrally located in the district, is an important transport hub, where several nodes of the public transport network meet. Metro, HÉV, bus and tram lines are available to facilitate rapid access to the city centre and surrounding districts. The proximity of the Budaörsi út and the M0 motorway is also an advantage for car traffic.

Mention should also be made of the district's cycling infrastructure, which is increasingly becoming a sustainable form of transport thanks to ongoing developments. Designated cycle paths and cycle-friendly transport solutions complement the transport system in the XXII district, which can be attractive to environmentally conscious residents.

Infrastructure investment not only improves direct transport options, but also has a positive impact on the real estate market. New housing estates and public transport improvements will increase the attractiveness of the district and increase residential property values. Well-designed and maintained infrastructure plays a key role in creating a liveable district, serving as a long-term investment for its residents.

Real estate market outlook

As a part of the Budapest agglomeration, the XXII district's real estate market may offer lower average prices compared to the central parts of the capital, which may provide potential buyers with excellent value for money opportunities. The district offers a wide range of new and second-hand apartments, condominiums and detached houses, so everyone can find a home to suit their needs and financial budget.

Developing infrastructure and investment are driving a steady increase in demand, which is stabilising property prices and encouraging long-term value preservation. In addition to the development of residential areas in the District, the preservation of green belt character also contributes to the aesthetic and quality of life appeal of properties.

Average prices and trends

Property prices in the XXII district vary depending on a number of factors, but typically represent good value for money.

  1. New-build properties are priced proportionally higher, especially in residential areas with modern infrastructure.
  2. Second-hand homes can be on average 10-20% cheaper than new-build homes.
  3. The family house segment also varies in price, depending on the level of renovation required.
  4. House price trends have been on an upward trend in recent years, in line with the steady increase in demand.Another prominent trend is the growing interest in residential property near green areas.

To get an accurate idea of the average price of properties for sale and the buying trends, it is advisable to seek the advice of real estate experts.

New homes and second-hand properties

The supply of new housing in the XXII district is again on an upward trend, in response to stable market demand.

The second-hand property market offers a wide range of choices to suit different needs and budgets. They are generally available at a lower price than their new-build counterparts.

New-build housing is characterised by modern design, less maintenance and energy-saving solutions that can be cost-effective in the long term.

In the case of second-hand properties, it is important for the buyer to consider the need and cost of renovation, which has a significant impact on the overall cost and the fair value of the property.

Although the investment cost of new homes is higher, they can be a long-term investment that preserves value in the XXII district.

Ideal choices for families

The family-friendly environment of the XXII district makes it an attractive choice for family buyers. The district's green belts, playgrounds, and diverse network of schools and kindergartens are an excellent support for families with children. A wide range of educational opportunities ensures that there is access to the right educational institutions for all ages. Safety and transport links are particularly important, and the XXII district offers outstanding opportunities. In addition, the district's sporting and recreational facilities provide the basis for a wide range of family activities that can contribute to a harmonious family life.

Educational institutions in the district

Education is a key factor in the attractiveness of the district.

The diversity of the schools in Budafoki, Nagytétényi and Budatétényi is one of the district's key strengths. A wide range of educational institutions from primary to secondary education are available, so it doesn't take families long to find a high quality education. In addition, the district also offers suitable institutions for children with special needs.

High school education is of high quality in the XXII district.

Several institutions offer dual training - a combination of work experience and theoretical education. This gives students the opportunity to get in touch with the world of work while still in secondary school and to develop closer links with their future employers.

Adult learning opportunities are also extensive in the district and are constantly expanding. A wide range of courses and training are available to help residents not only with personal development, but also with change or career development. A large number of courses tailored to current labour market needs will continue to be offered in 2023 in institutions in the XXII district.

Green spaces and recreational facilities

The green belt character of the XXII district provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy the closeness to nature. There are numerous parks, playgrounds and pedestrian areas, providing the perfect setting for families and relaxation.

Green spaces in the District support healthy living for residents. They are suitable for walking, running and picnicking.

The district also offers opportunities for active leisure activities. The district offers a variety of sports facilities (e.g. tennis courts, football pitches) and sports clubs.

The Törley Sparkling Wine Factory in Budafok has gained recognition for its cultural and historical significance. Local events, such as champagne festivals, are a special gathering for the district community.

Of particular importance are the opportunities for recreation on the district's beaches. The beaches and waterfront leisure activities of the Roma coast offer a pleasant way to recharge your batteries on hot summer days.

Finally, the XXII district offers not only urban recreation, but also nearby nature reserves, such as the Harmashatár Hill Nature Trail, which offer residents excellent excursion destinations to learn about the diversity of local flora and fauna.

Advice for investors

The XXII district is also a promising area for investment. Transport improvements and infrastructure projects contribute to increasing property values, making the district worth considering as a long-term investment. There could also be a one-stage increase in demand, which will have a positive impact on rents and property values.

It is important to consider the local market map, including development plans and the quality of nearby services, when looking for cheaper properties. Investing wisely means acquiring valuable properties that can generate higher returns through future development.

Rental property yields

Yields on properties for rent in the XXII district fluctuate depending on market conditions and location.

  • The supply of apartments and houses has a significant impact on choice and returns.
  • Rents: higher rents can be maintained for properties in excellent condition or with good accessibility.
  • Utilisation: the number of days out and the utilisation indicators lead to a conclusion on expected revenues.
  • Operating costs: low overheads increase the net yield.
  • Long-term leases: stable longer-term commitments reduce the risk of vacancy.

The actual return is closely linked to finding the right value for money.

A thorough analysis of market trends and the potential return determined by the condition of the property is of paramount importance to investors.


Development areas and potential

The dynamic development of the real estate market in the XXII district offers significant investment opportunities. The district's infrastructure and social economic development plans are expected to increase the attractiveness of the area and also contribute to maintaining the value of property.

  1. Residential developments in Nagytétényi: Significant value for money improvements are expected for new build residential developments.
  2. Redevelopment of the Budafok region: the modernisation of the historic wine region could further boost interest in the area.
  3. Campona shopping centre extension: the planned extension of the shopping centre will further strengthen the infrastructure of the central part of the district.
  4. Savoya Park Development Plan: improvements to the services and accessibility of the business park could have a positive impact on the market value of the surrounding residential areas.
  5. Improving the M0 motorway interchanges: increasing the capacity of the motorway and optimising the road network can improve accessibility to the district.Consider sustainability and energy efficiency, which will become increasingly important aspects in the future real estate market.

These projects could come to fruition in the next few years, which could make a well-timed property purchase in the XXII district a good idea. The potential for substantial yield growth makes it worthwhile to keep a close eye on development plans.

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