3 Room Apartment For Sale in Budapest VI. District

Eötvös utca, Budapest, VI. District
Price 84.900.000Ft
Ref: REMAX-72
Property Details
Price: 84.900.000Ft
Price/sqm: 744.737Ft
Official Size: 114m2
Actual Size: 114m2
Inner Height: 3m
Property Type: Apartment
City: Budapest
District: VI.
Bathrooms: 2
Rooms: 3
Toilettes: 3
Alternate Rooms: 4
View: Street
Overall Condition: Good
Outdoor Condition: Good
Building Material: Brick
Orientation: North East
Light Conditions: Good
Electricity: Yes
Gas: Yes
Water: Yes
Sewage: Yes
Phone: Yes
Internet: Yes
Comfort Level With all modern conveniences ( 2 toilets + 2 bathrooms)
Property Description
Elegant civic apartment in the exclusive RE/MAX CENTRAL offer, perfect for multifunctional use. Whether it is a spacious home for a large family, an office, or for investment purposes, or a combination of these, it is split into two apartments.

The location:
Eötvös Street, parallel to the always bustling Teréz Boulevard, is an elegant, urban, civic environment. Close to the Boulevard and the Oktogon, as well as the proximity of Western Railway Station, can be enjoyed by the owner from a calmer, quieter street. The parking in the One-way street is easy and convenient thanks to the herringbone system, making parking easier.

Built at the end of the 19th century, it is a three-story, classicist, civilian building. Entering the newly renovated gate, you will reach the apartment through an elegant, clean, staircase. The condominium is characterized by a cultivated community and well-organized financial status. A pleasant patio with plants and flowers makes the interior feel cozy, and the low height of the building facilitates to get inside the sunlight.

It is in good condition and underwent a complete renovation in 2010 and due to its classical bourgeois character it has a spacious and impressive effect due to its high ceiling height.
The apartment is officially divided into 3 and a half rooms, but in its present state is divided into 2 separate apartments:
- the larger part of the apartment consists of 2 spacious rooms, bathroom, separate toilet, kitchen and hall. The two apartments - between the hallway and the room of the smaller apartment - are separated by a hidden door with plasterboard masonry.
- In the smaller apartment there is a bigger room, a kitchen and a bathroom-toilet. The windows looks to the coultyard.

Due to its high location, the 2 large rooms are bright, with direct sunlight at certain times of the day, but there is plenty of light reflected from the facade of the beautifully renovated house on the opposite side. The view from the windows is a very pleasant sight, which is a great treasure in Budapest, which takes the viewer back to the time when these condominiums were young, to the true golden age.
The two apartments can be easily rejoin - only the plasterboard wall needs to be removed - so you can enjoy the benefits of a truly spacious, elegant civilian apartment with two separate entrances.
The smaller part of the apartment is currently occupied by a tenant who would still maintain the lease, so the property can produce a profit without having to neglect to use it.

!!! I will send you a link to the 3D virtual walk by message, and a virtual tour of the property with a video call, of course. With a view to managing the situation and restrictions safely, our office is equipped to handle the entire process online. Your safety is important to us, and we follow the process carefully in accordance with all regulations and recommendations. !!!

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